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National Office for Health Service Appeals is a government agency subject to the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services. The Office was founded 1 January 2016 and is located in Bergen.

Director General: Anita Giæver Hansen

Organisation number: 984 936 966

We process appeals from 14 agencies

  • Civil Aviation Authority Norway
  • County Governor
  • Norwegian Board of Health Supervision
  • Norwegian Directorate of Health
  • Norwegian Health Archives
  • Norwegian Health Economics Administration
  • Norwegian Institute of Public Health
  • Norwegian Medical Products Agency
    (previously called Norwegian Medicines Agency)
  • Norwegian System of Patient Injury Compensation
  • Oslo University Hospital
  • Regional Health Authorities:
    • Central Norway Regional Health Authority
    • Northern Norway Regional Health Authority
    • South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority
    • Western Norway Regional Health Authority

Appeals must be sent to the same agency that made the decision. The agency reviews the appeal and considers whether the decision should be overturned or upheld. If the decision is upheld, the appeal is sent to us for a new legal assessment. You cannot send the appeal directly to us.

We are the secretariat for three independent boards

  • The Norwegian Appeal Board for Health Personnel
  • The Norwegian Pharmacy Appeal Board
  • The Patients' Injury Compensation Board

To be a secretariat means that we receive and prepare cases for the board. 

In some cases the secretariat can reach a decision according to delegated authority from the boards.

We prosecute cases

If legal actions are taken against the government represented by the Patients’ Injury Compensation Board, our litigation department prosecutes the case.

The Office of the Attorney General prosecutes the other cases. We are responsible for the case, also in the legal process.

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